All Wrapped Up: A Set Of Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings And A Pendant - November 18

Wire wrapping is one of the most ancient forms of jewellery making. This technique has been widely used by ancient civilizations as it does not require the assistance of soldering or casting. With simple tools and mostly the hands of the crafter, one can bend, twist, wrap around wires of various gauges, cross-sections to create either simple or intricate designs.

 In this workshop, students will learn one method of this technique to create a pair of earrings and a pendant using sterling silver round wire and freshwater pearls. Skills that this class will focus on is hand and eye coordination to make symmetrical patterns so the earrings and the pendant do resemble a set when finished. As well, students will explore how to manipulate round wire by hand with minimal aid of tools to eliminate tool marks and scratches, make equally spaced coils and practice making fish hook ear wires. Students will practice with copper wire first and then move on to sterling silver for the final project.

Workshops will not run until sufficient enrollment has been met. We recommend students register at least 10 days before class start dates to avoid disappointment.

The more the merrier! Feel free to spread the word to friends and family as this helps ensure classes will fill to capacity.


Dates:              Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Time:               6pm-9pm

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